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Wilh. Steinberg piano

“Our new Steinberg piano with the added Phoenix agraffes in the bass gives a surprisingly large sound for a (5’5”) grand. Pairing it with our Fazioli concert grand in the studio creates a unique setting for duo piano repertoire study at a fraction of the cost of a larger grand. This, added to its warmth and depth, make this piano an excellent investment for both students and teachers.” - Judith S. Siegel, Piano Teacher

“At the moment I laid my hands on the Wilh. Steinberg AC212 (7’) Grand piano, I couldn’t stop playing it. I fell in love with the action and the clarity of sound immediately. My hands liked the strong built piano, which took challenging powerful music with great rich sonorities. Yet, at the same time, this piano is able to produce sweet and gentle musical passages with the lightest of touch. Beautiful on the inside, as well as on the outside, this elegant grand dresses our living room with pleasant sounds as well as with its dignified presence.” - Marcos D. Flores, Concert Pianist

North American Distributer
Unique Pianos
Brian Gatchell

Crafting the best pianos is an exacting science.

Crafting the best pianos at an affordable price is an art.

This has been, and always will be, the hallmark of Wilh. Steinberg Pianos. Unifying the expertise of modern German piano construction with 130 years of experience and tradition in manufacturing, the result is a unique blend of tonal quality, attractive cabinet design and affordable prices.

Heidi and Fred Steffes, Steinberg CEOs

Heidi & Frederik Steffes, Wilh. Steinberg CEO (center) with Brian & Ginny Gatchell, Unique Pianos, Inc. owners